Jun 10, 2021
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It doesn’t matter whether you are a new pupil moving up to the big cities, an office worker who finally moved out to live on their own or a foreigner looking for a new adventure; at some point, you would eventually find yourself in the lookout for a new home. While the task itself might look intimidating to newcomers with the wide variety of options the market has to offer, careful researching along with the help of this introductory article can make the job a tad easier for everyone.

No further ado, these are the top three most common Chi that you should keep your eyes on.

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The most basic option out there, one that is much smaller in scale compared to the other two counterparts. The room rental is a small living space you can rent from a private homes or . It is a practical choice for students and those who are on a budget for its small living space means a much cheaper price tag. However, it is wise to do a complete research before making any decision to rent a room as the price is, more often than not, not entitled to the basic necessities such as water, electricity and internet connection. Also, don’t be surprise to find a place near educational institution or commercial buildings to be much higher than those in the less populated regions.


If you find your in the position to afford a better accomodation, the apartment option might be just for you. It is an average to spacious living space you can rent or own within a residential building which include numerous other similar units. The apartment is ideal for the employed and those with family. It also offers a wide ranges of subcategories going from the small comfortable studio apartment, the garden apartment with their beautiful scenery to the more luxurious option of the serviced apartment that provide several perks you can only expect from a hotel such as periodical cleaning and repairs. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your eyes on you’re getting since by definition, studio apartments are the the ones we often associate with.

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A detached house is similar to a with free-standing status along with its own parking area and even garden. Street house is a bit different in comparision as it is constructed side-by-side with other units. While it is easy to be mistaken it with an apartment, it is good to keep in mind that a street house doesn’t have a communal area and usually doesn’t come already furnished by the owner. This is the most high-end option of the bunch and only recommended to those with a big family, presumably with a children or two. Nonetheless, its bigger size and better quality may appeal to other groups as well. These houses, however, are more difficult to come by than the two previous options.