What makes a 2-bedroom apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City so desirable?

Jun 10, 2021
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As the largest economic center of the country, Ho Chi Minh City has welcomed a large number of migrants to live and work. As a result, two-bedroom currently witness remarkable growth in demand, especially from young couples and families with children. The following article will explain what makes two-bedroom apartment for rent in HCMC eminently desirable and where to find one.

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What is the ideal area for 2-bedroom apartment for rent in HCMC?

In recent years, the transport infrastructure in Ho Chi Minh City has developed swiftly and played a major role in facilitating transportation. Instead of renting apartments in downtown areas, many people tend to look for affordable apartments in suburban areas with accessible costs and proper living conditions.

According to real estate experts, the South Saigon area is a location witnessing rapid development speed. The transport network in the South of Saigon and the surrounding areas such as Can Giuoc and Long An open the direct connection to the city center. Accordingly, owning or renting a 2-bedroom apartment in this area will be ideal for middle-income couples.

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Why do many young families choose 2-bedroom apartment for rent in HCMC?

The design of 2-bedroom is quite optimal, offering both living spaces for the whole family and private space for parents. Therefore, 2-bedroom apartments account for a large number of units in real estate projects.

Two-bedroom apartment for rent in HCMC usually range from 60m2 to 78m2. The rent ranges from 5 – 9 million / month, with optional high-quality furniture. The price is very suitable for families with an average income.

If you are looking for two-bedroom , you can refer to the information on the prestigious real estate website: housingsgn.com. Hope you find your dream apartment soon.