Aug 17, 2018
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These issues that we generally face in our Dell laptops and computer system like blue screen of death, black screen of death, updating issues of Windows 10, difficulty in connecting the printer to the laptop for printing, difficulty in getting the backup and restoring it after windows update, overheating of the laptop, showing poor performance etc., affects the overall performance of the system and decrease the productivity.

Following are few of the steps you can try to fix these issues which will automatically help in restoring your Dell laptop or computer system’s performance like the time when it was new. Dell technical support provides online as well as on-site support services as and when required by the customers.

Laptops getting overheated due to either not properly working fan or accumulation of dust in the air vents or because of viruses or malware attempting to halt the normal processing of your system, cause the restriction of adequate amount of air flow to the important internal parts like CPU and graphics card. This could lead to laptop trying to switch off abruptly in attempt of preventing any severe damage to the internal mechanism. For preventing overheating of Dell laptops, always keep in mind to clean the fans that provide cooling to internal parts. For an elaborate and proper system checkup and resolution of issues call Dell support on their toll free helpline number +1 (888) 784-9316.

In case your laptop is showing frequent cases of shut down and restart frequently due to the famous blue screen error then you should check for the availability of windows updates by the help of taskbar. Also, see if there are any driver updates to be installed. You can get a clearer picture of the issue by using the Drive performance and health program that is present in the Windows defender security center. Scan your PC or laptop for malware by the help of windows defender offline and get rid of them using an advanced anti-malware software.

Technicians who provide technical services for Dell customers use industry approved and highly advanced tools and innovative techniques. Dell tech support is a 24/7 available service and they provide support over the phone, email or chat and even on-site. If your printer is not getting connected to your Dell laptop or Desktop then check whether your printer is turned on and is connected through cable or Wi-Fi. If everything is fine then remove and reconnect your printer. At last you can check the driver software of printer in your PC and if it is outdated, update the driver as sometimes, older version of driver doesn’t work in sync with the new windows update.

Get all the technical issues related to software or hardware in your Dell laptop or computer fixed in no time as they believe in service delivery in minimum turnaround time. Black screen of device is another major issue that leads to system getting crashed and is even more difficult to resolve as it doesn’t even show any error code. If you face black screen then you can try the windows key sequence of windows logo key+ Ctrl + Shift +B to wake up the screen. If this doesn’t work then try to reinstall your graphics card after starting your windows in the safe mode. Removing third party antivirus software and booting the PC also helps.