Aug 17, 2018
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Making sure that our Dell device is secure and up-to date is necessary so that it can face any challenge in its way of performing to the fullest every day. Updating your Dell laptop and computer to the latest Windows version is advisable because it provides the latest security updates for the security anomalies that keeps the system protected from harmful threats.

New and innovative ways of attacking the user’s system is being invented everyday by the malicious programmers and in their response software companies are coming up with ways to stop these. For protecting computer systems from attackers and hackers updating the software is crucially important. Assistance can be taken from Dell technical support for resolution of issues faced while upgrading.

Apart from security point of view, it is important for businesses to keep their software updated, so that they don’t miss out on adding new features and services which could help in increasing the productivity. Dell tech support houses a special team of tech engineers who work for developing better ideas to overcome the issues faced while updating the Windows and other software. Windows 10 is available and can be purchased either on a device or as the full version of software.

Dell laptop users can install Windows 10, using the media creation tool and the Windows 10 installation media. In case of installing Windows 10 for the first time, it is required to enter a valid Windows 10 product key. If windows 10 has been installed previously also then windows 10 will activate without entering a product key. Dell support provides help to the customers over the phone, email or chat by the use of remote technology and they can be reached through the toll-free helpline number +1 (888) 784-9316.

In Windows 10, updates are automatically downloaded when the Dell laptop is ready for an update and automatic update installation has been selected in the settings. Update is fully installed after restarting the laptop following the download. Availability of latest update can be manually checked by clicking on the start tab and then selecting the settings option. In the settings, clicking on the update and security will open its menu which will further show the option of windows update. There click on check for updates. Contact dell support helpline number for further details or any enquiry.