Aug 17, 2018
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Have you been facing issues with the shutting down of your Dell laptop after pressing the shutdown button in the menu? System not shutting down fully and going into a restart phase could be a sign of something more serious like hardware failure due to overheating or some serious power related issue like battery not getting charged or problem with the adapter.

The cause might be any, but frequent and unintentional restart of Dell laptop could have severe effects on the software as well as hardware components of the Dell system. Dell technical support technicians understand this very well and they resolve all issues related to dell laptops with proper troubleshooting.

Dell product support engineers properly examine every issue to understand all the true reasons of its occurrence and fix that issue in a way that it doesn’t bother the user again. In this case, whenever the pc is shut down, some process goes wrong it results in crashing of the system. Due to this Windows reboots itself. This issue might seem as a minor problem but it actually covers the actual cause of problem and its effects. The restarting of Dell laptop every time the system is switched off can be fixed for getting to the real cause of issue.

For changing the pattern of Dell laptop getting into a restart configuration whenever it is shut off, just follow these steps. Click on the Start window. Then type sysdm.cpl in the space bar and then press enter. In the system properties window, open the advanced tab. Click on the Settings option in that. Then in the next window, click to uncheck the box against automatically restart. Making this change will lead to stooping windows from restarting. But, this won’t stop the windows from crashing. Dell support can find out the actual reason and fix it in no time.

There could be some driver issue as adding new hardware devices require new device drivers to be added or requires updating the old drivers or there could be some other cause for such unexpected issues. Dell laptop support can be contacted through their toll-free helpline number 1(888)784-9316 anytime from anywhere.